We are a Nova Scotia based supplier and installer of grid tied and off grid photovoltaic (PV) solar systems. We specialize in net-metered system design, supply, installation and maintenance. Our team has been involved in over $10,000,000 worth of microFIT photovoltaic solar systems in Ontario since 2010. Now that we’ve brought our expertise out to the East coast our goal is to make solar a simple and affordable investment for Nova Scotia home owners and that’s why our main focus is on expert renewable energy and home efficiency consultation, clear and consistent pricing and financing options, and top tier solar hardware backed by third party insured 25 year warranties.Michael - CEO
  • We Specialize

    We don’t sell hot water systems, and we don’t sell hot air systems. Our entire team is devoted to outstanding PV performance and that’s why we’re your best choice for a net-metered or off grid solar system.

  • We Only Install The Best

    We always supply and install the best hardware for the job. Every single system we have installed in NS has been a micro inverter system. We know they’re the best and our customers agree.

  • Our Focus is on Return

    It’s nice to go green, but at the end of the day your solar system is an investment. It’s our job to source the most efficient solar hardware that has the fastest return on investment so that you can enjoy tremendous savings over the lifespan of your system. We avoid extraneous hardware that increases cost at no benefit to performance.

Micro Inverters VS String Inverters
  • We Are Analytically Driven

    As a company that focuses on ROI we are detail oriented and performance driven. We provide individual performance analyses for each new solar project that outline your system’s expected output based on historical weather data.

  • We Only Supply Top Tier Hardware

    We are not in the business of supplying hardware that is less than top tier. We deal strictly with premium PV panels and micro-inverter systems that carry 25 year third party insured manufacturer warranties.

  • We Offer Straight Forward, Modular Pricing

    We have nothing to hide. Quotes from WattsupSolar aren’t individualzed, only our system designs are. Our per unit pricing doesn’t change from customer to customer and our profit margins have been the same since we opened our doors and started providing renewable energy alternatives to Nova Scotian’s.

  • We offer expert consultation to customers and curious enthusiasts alike.

    Have questions about going solar? Want to talk to an expert without the obligation to purchase a system right away? Our experts are always ready to talk. We love talking about solar – so give us a shout!

A lower tier of hardware is no good to anyone. Not the investor, the environment or the company that supplies it. That’s why we strictly deal with cutting edge solar technologies that push your production performance to the limit.Michael - CEO