Nova Scotia Power offers one of Canada's best Net Metering Programs

NSP will purchase your surplus power at the consumer rate

Net Metering means no batteries!

Net Metering allows you to be net zero without batteries. Store your energy in the grid - draw it when you need it and get a credit for it if you produce a surplus.
The average solar system installed by us in Nova Scotia produces
0 kWhs
each year.
at the current rate

What is the trade off?

Nova Scotia Power will purchase your green energy at the same rate that consumers purchase energy from the grid. It is a one to one trade off. The interconnection agreement stipulates that NSP will always pay the same rate for your power, even if they change the rate that they sell theirs.

What if the rate goes up?

Great! Unlike anyone without a solar system you may even be happy to see the power rates increase! It means you will see a shorter return on your investment because you will be selling your power at the new rate!

Savings Calculator

Use our calculator to see how many panels you would need to eliminate the power bill at your address.

What can I produce?

On a sunny day an average system (20 x 300W panels – 5 kW AC) can produce more than a kW every 15 minutes. To put that into perspective, your refrigerator uses approximately half a KW each hour.

How much can I save?

It all depends on the size of your system. With a large enough system you can completely eliminate your power bill as we have done for many of our customers. All you will be left with is the grid connection charge of $10.83.

What is the ROI?

You can expect for your solar system to have paid for itself well within its warrantied lifespan. We estimate approximately ten to twelve years.

Increases property value

Ready to sell your home? Installing a solar system makes it more salable, easier to mortgage, and increases the value of the home by approximately $0.50 on the dollar.

Protect yourself from future rate hikes

The cost of power affects everyone. When the price goes up, most people moan. Not when they have a solar system. Your net metering contract with NSP stipulates that they will pay the consumer rate for your power. So as the years go by the value of your power increases along with your cost avoidance.

What happens if I produce a surplus?

Not to worry, power that your system produces is never lost or forgotten. Excess energy will be stored in the grid and purchased by NSP to be used by your community. If you produce more than you use NSP will write you a check at the end of the year.

Protects your roof

Installing solar panels on a shingle roof will protect the underlying shingles from sun damage, extending their lifespan indefinitely.

Check out real-time production data from systems we have installed all over Nova Scotia ♥

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