Efficiency Nova Scotia Solar Homes Program. Up to $6,000 rebate

If you've been on the fence, there has never been a better time to go solar
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The rebate is $0.60/watt for eligible solar photovoltaic systems.

For most systems, the rebate will equate to approximately 25% of the cost of the system.

Am I eligible to apply for the program?

If your property is zoned residential and your roof is suitable for a solar system then most likely, yes! We can assess this for you.

Is there an end date to the program?

The federal funding will exist up until March 2022, and the current budget will allow for roughly 2,000 homes to participate.

No better time or place

The rebate won't be around forever, and if you've been putting off getting a solar system now is the time to take advantage of what is available to you in Nova Scotia. With low interest financing for residents of HRM and this massive rebate available province-wide you can't go wrong. Get a quote today.
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This provincial incentive is one of the best programs offered in Canada. Nova Scotia is leading the charge against climate change with great financing options such as the Solar City program, Nova Scotia Power's great net metering program and now this awesome rebate! There has never been a better time or place to go solar!


Get low interest financing for your solar system through HRM's Solar City program.


Get up to $6,000 back from Efficiency Nova Scotia for going solar with a 10 KW system


Eliminate or significantly reduce your power bills for the next 25 - 35 years with a WattsupSolar system.

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