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Is your home viable for solar?

Location Requirements

Most homes are at least 70% viable for a PV solar system. Below are some considerations. 


How many trees or buildings are obstructing the sunlight? The less the better of course. A solar system impacted by significant shading is not a worth while investment.

Roof Dimensions

The more roof space the better. At least 400 SQ feet is required for a decent sized solar system. Panels are approximately 40" W * 80" H. Panels can be installed on nearly all roof materials.

Roof Direction & slope

Solar panels perform best with direct sunlight which means south facing roof elevations work best. A gentler slope is better optimized for the summer when the sun is high in the sky.

Energy Demand

Your system can eliminate your power bills, but the Self-Generating Option is designed so that participants can be “Net Zero” but not profit from the sales of electricity.
Effective April 22, 2022, amendments made to the Electricity Act (Bill 145) have removed remuneration for annual surplus energy, i.e. energy "self-generated" above and beyond the electrical consumption in a calendar year.

Service Size

A smaller service size can be limiting when it comes to a solar system. Luckily most service sizes are 200 AMPS.

A 200A service limits you to 40A of solar. 40A is sufficient for approximately 10 kW AC of PV. Larger systems require upgrading the bus bar in your breaker panel or installing a dual lug meter base.

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