Going off the grid? We can help.

Off grid systems require a few more components than net-metered solar systems, namely a battery bank. These make up the bulk of the cost of the system.

We offer three off grid system packages.

  • Small

    Perfect size for a small cabin or camp.

  • Medium

    A larger system with a longer lasting battery bank.

  • Large

    A formidable system capable of powering larger cottages for long periods of time.

Our Policy
There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding to go off grid and designing an appropriate system takes a lot of work. We strictly deal with CSA approved hardware. That means that when we design an off grid system the cost can be substantial when compared to Costco or Canadian Tire solar solutions. Even our smallest tier of off grid system can cost as much as $4,000. Please keep this in mind when considering us to help you design and implement an off grid system. We do not charge for consultation or design.

Get in touch for details about our off grid packages.