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Introducing the ultimate prewired, plug'n'play off grid solar energy kit
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Next Generation Technology

This new generation Off-Grid product will revolutionize the Alternative energy market.


It can be a Back-up system or by a flick of a switch become a complete off grid system for the home.

Easy DIY Setup

It comes pre-assembled and tested with all the appropriate components and wiring needed for an Off-Grid system making it an easy setup up for the DIY’er

A Complete Off-Grid System In A Box

This Power Pak can operate as a backup system without solar or an off-grid system complete with solar.

Just add panels to produce the power and batteries to store it.

Fill out our load calculator

Find out how many panels and batteries you will need.

PowerPak V3

There are two receptacles on the system, allowing the user to have instant AC power after connecting the batteries.


Optional Worldwide Remote Access, ( loT )

This remote access with a Power Pak will create a smart cottage.

This app allows the user to see the status of their system and control devices like a fridge or furnace fan remotely.

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