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We guarantee you will have your system up and running within 90 days of signing your applications.

We work fast

Our Goal is to get your system operational within 90 days

Step 1: Applications

We handle all paperwork on your behalf

What we need from you:

Applications can take 4 – 6 weeks for approval from ENS and NSP respectively.

Step 2: Installation

Installation takes a minimum of 3 days

First our crew will install the racking, microinverters and perform cable management. For this phase no one needs to be home. 

Next, our electrician will perform the hookup to your breaker panel after which point we can call for a rough-in inspection from Nova Scotia Power. Someone will need to be home to allow access for our electrician, but no one needs to be home for the inspection. 

Once we have our first inspection completed, our crew will return to install the panels and commission the system. 

Once the system has been logged in you will be able to download your apps to view your production! 



Once this is all said and done a representative from Watts Up Solar LTD will arrange to meet you to sign some final paperwork. 

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