Location Requirements

Things to consider:

  • Orientation

    Which way does your largest roof face?

  • Size

    How many panels will you be able to fit on your roof?

  • Shading

    How many trees or buildings are obstructing the sunlight?

  • Usage

    Your system can eliminate your power bills, but the net metering program is designed so that participants can be “Net Zero” but not necessarily profit from the sales of electricity. Read About "Net Zero"

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  • Roof orientation and space.

    A Southern exposure is perfect for solar systems. This allows them to receive sunlight for most of the day.


    The size of your roof determines the number of PV panels you will be able to fit. They are 40″ x 65″.

  • Usage

    The amount of power you use also determines the maximum system size. NSP requires that home owners size their solar systems based on historical usage.

  • Shading

    Again, the name of the game here is to get optimal exposure to the sun. This ensures a higher production. Sometimes surroundings can inhibit performance.