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We believe in green energy and a sustainable future. Photovoltaic (PV) solar systems produce clean, green, renewable solar energy that can be used to power our homes and communities.
Design, Supply, Install, Maintain

We are Nova Scotia's leading experts on photovoltaic solar panel systems. We specialize in sourcing only the highest quality and most efficient solar hardware on the market. A lower tier of hardware is no good to anyone. Not the investor, the environment or the company that supplies it. That's why we strictly deal with cutting edge solar technologies that push your production performance to the limit. All of our products carry 25 year manufacturer warranties and our installation services are backed by a lifetime of free maintenance.

  • Hundreds of kW's installed to date
  • Thousands of trees saved
  • A carbon offset of over 1,000,000 lbs.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Reduce or eliminate your power bill

Protect against rate increases

System pays for itself in under 12 years

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PV Solar

PV Solar

PV Solar

PV Solar

It's no wonder the whole world is going solar.

With annual rate increases of 3% from the utility company your system could pay for itself in under 10 years!

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Take control of your power bills

Net Metering | Off Grid | Solar Can Help You Save

A Net-Metered PV system can pay for itself 2.5 x over within its warrantied lifespan.

Anatomy of a pv system

We only supply trusted brands backed by 25 year warranties.



Monitor your system's performance in real-time and on the go with the ENPHASE Envoy

Simple, Modular, Affordable

Standard efficiency panels and inverters
Everything you need to start producing.
per 260W

1 x 260 Watt polycrystalline panel,

1 x Enphase M215 Micro-Inverter and,

all associated racking and cables,

25 year warranty,

Free monitoring on 20 or more panels

Premium High Efficiency Panels and Inverters
Higher wattage, same price per watt!
$635.00 CDN

1 x 285 Watt monocrystalline panel,

1 x Enphase M250 Micro-Inverter and,

all associated racking and cables,

25 year warranty,

Free monitoring on 20 or more panels

Kickstart a revolution and get paid for doing it. We'll pay existing customers $250 for referring new customers to us.

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