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We are a Nova Scotia based supplier and installer of grid tied and off grid photovoltaic (PV) solar systems. We specialize in net-metered system design, supply, installation and maintenance. Our team has been involved in over $10,000,000 worth of microFIT photovoltaic solar systems in Ontario since 2010. Now that we’ve brought our expertise out to the East coast our goal is to make solar a simple and affordable investment for Nova Scotia home owners and that’s why our main focus is on expert renewable energy/home efficiency consultation, clear and consistent pricing and financing options, and top tier solar hardware backed by third party insured 25 year warranties.
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How it works

Nova Scotia Power's Enhanced Net Metering program allows you to tie your solar system into the main power grid, using it as a battery to store your green energy.

Net Metering

NSP installs a bi-directional meter after the installation. This new meter is designed to keep track of the energy that your system puts into the grid, and the power that your home draws when your system isn't producing. Your new power bills will reflect the net amount of this exchange.

Savings Details

What you can expect to produce

The average system size is 5.7 kW's - 20 panels. A system of this size with good Southern exposure is expected to produce around 7,400 kWh's per year.

How much is that?

Well the average Canadian home uses 10,000 kWh's per year ($1,500), so this system would offset your power costs by 74%!

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Most solar systems in nova scotia pay for themselves within
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of purchase

Meaning they pay for themselves more than
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within their warrantied lifespan of 25 years.

Make Clean Power | Sell Your Surplus To The Grid

Enhanced Net Metering

How it works for you.

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Live in HRM? Get low interest financing on your solar system. No credit check required.

Solar City 2.0

285W Monocrystalline panel + M250 Micro Inverter


Per 285WPanel and micro inverter
  • Panel
  • Inverter
  • Racking
  • All associated electrical hardware

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    Per 315W
    • 25 Year Warranty
    • Each Can Produce 400 kWh’s per year
    • It all starts with a proposal

      Once we’ve designed your system and submitted your application, it’s just a matter of 1 to 2 weeks before we’ll be installing your solar system. Get ready for savings.

      Our Steps

      Why choose us?

      We’ve been specializing in photovoltaics for years. We don’t mess around with hot water systems, we stick to what we know works best.


      Our customers know us best.

      Find out what they think.

      Stanley North
      Stanley North
      17:42 19 Jun 17
      I had an excellent experience dealing with Wattsup solar. They were very knowledge both on the information before quote, and on the installation process itself. Wattsup Solar are also very familiar with the Halifax Solar City program and will guide you through it with ease. not only was their pricing very competitive, but they will happy explain the entire process to you before any kind of commitment (i know we emailed back and forth for months before i pulled the pin). When their crew came to site to install, they knocked on the door to let me know they were there, and came to tell me when they were done and what the next step would be. When they left my house they ensured everything was cleaned up and i was satisfied. Overall they were brilliant, i give them 7 stars out of 5!
      Steven Beaulieu
      Steven Beaulieu
      17:55 15 Nov 16
      Excellent experience! Mike, Sharron, Tom of the Watts Up team installed 20 panels for us and now the meter is chugging along in the astern direction - a nice change. We had a big challenge with the configuration of our system due to the height of the structure. Mike came well prepared for the challenge. Fantastic effort and fantastic results. Mike was prompt to answer any questions and guide me throughout the entire process. Only downside was then time of year when we installed - fall approaching the winter solstice. Thanks Wattsup Solar for the excellent experience.
      Bob Richards
      Bob Richards
      11:13 27 Oct 16
      Mike and his crew installed 20 x 285W panels with 20 x 250W micro inverters on my Garage in August of this year (2016). Mike and his crew were great to work with, showed up when they were scheduled to and did the work in a neat and timely fashion. I am asked about my system regularly, and I am always quick to recommend Watts Up. Nova Scotia Power put in my new "Net Metering" digital meter effective September 1 and as of October 18 I have just received my first power bill. The Bad news was that NS Power charges for the digital meter change to the tune of $264.21 (taxes in), and that was on my bill 🙁 The good news was that instead of a charge of $165 for power I received a credit of 157kWh ($23.24 Credit). I realize that my Solar power production will likely go way down over the winter, but I am still looking forward to the reduction in my bills. It isn't often that you get to save both the planet and some money... Also I just found out that NS power will be increasing their rates by 3% in each of the next 3 years.. so already my investment is showing a better return than first planned.

      Anatomy of a PV system

      Via the photoelectric effect a PV (photovoltaic) solar panel can transpose sunlight into DC electricity

      enphase micro inverterThe Micro Inverter converts the DC electricity into AC so that it can be used in your home.

      Micro Inverters VS String Inverters

      The trunk cable collects the AC power from each panel in the array and carries it to your breaker panel where it is used or stored in the grid.

      racking for solar panelsRacking is used to secure the solar panels to your roof where they protect the underlying shingles.

      bi directional meterThis new meter is installed by NSP and it keeps track of what your system feeds into the grid and what your home draws out.

      Looking to go off grid?

      Off Grid

      Ready to go solar?