Most people only go solar once.

we strictly install premium, high efficiency panels and Enphase Micro Inverters.

We know going solar can be complicated. We are here as your expert guide every step of the way. With our customers, we are creating a planet run by the sun.

Our success is largely due to our value proposition

We sell the best rated solar equipment at the best price on the market

Consumers know the difference between a Kia and a Cadillac

But imagine if both cars were being sold at the same price and consumers had no idea what the difference was?
Most solar companies will claim to sell the best equipment Believe it or not, that brand you’ve never heard of doesn’t make the best quality solar equipment. It also costs the installer substantially less to buy than top tier brands.

Our Unique business model is

Modular, Transparent, Affordable

No Money Down

We only expect to be paid when your system is on your roof, operational and inspected by NSP. No deposit necessary.

Best ROI

Our systems boast the best return on investment achievable in Nova Scotia.

Lowest Cost Per Watt

Our cost per watt for premium tier products blows away the competition.

When we say we offer the best equipment, we Can Back it up

Considered a remarkable product technology wise ranking EXCEPTIONAL in the Solar Review Module Assessment Criteria

LG Panels

25 year warranty

Find out why we always choose LG

A good quality solar system should last a lifetime

Panels often steal the limelight. It's the inverters that are doing the work.

Enphase Microinverters

25 year warranty

Inverter Comparison Table

Not all inverters are made equal. As the most integral part of your solar system you should know what you're buying.

Inverter Type
String Inverter
Inverter Model
Output W
Panels Serviced
21 - 25
AC W per panel
Requires Optimizers?
Cost Per Panel
$139.60 - $166.19
AC Cost for 20 panels
Standard Warranty
25 Years
12 Years
10 Years
Solar Review Score

Inverters are the most important part of any solar system

Enphase have the best reviews, highest output, longest warranty and highest value

Be Informed

There are claims that solar should cost $x/watt. This is a license to print money when people don't know what they're buying. It's like saying a car should cost $x/wheel.

Just like with cars there is a wide disparity in quality, value and reliability between solar equipment brands. In a new market where consumers are uninformed solar companies can sell the cheapest equipment they can get their hands on, claiming it is of high quality. Nova Scotia is a new market

We implore you to research the equipment you're being proposed. 

Enphase Enlighten Is The Gold Standard Of Solar Monitoring Apps​

Monitor Your System's Production In Real-Time​

Individual Panel Production Reports

View real-time individual panel production reports for your solar system (not offered by most solar monitoring equipment).

Get the full picture with Enphase Consumption Monitors

Find out how much power your home is using at any given time all in the same app.

Enphase + LG + Watts Up Solar LTD



Our Competition Matcher, Except Better

$ 775 /Panel
  • Peimar 400W
  • Enphase IQ7+ 295W Microinverter
  • $240 Rebate Per Panel
  • 25 Year Panel Warranty
  • 25 Year Microinverter Warranty


The Most Cutting Edge Components Available

$ 880 /panel
  • LG NeON H 445W
  • Enphase IQ7A 360W Microinverter
  • $267 Rebate Per Panel
  • 25 Year Panel Warranty
  • 25 Year Microinverter Warranty


Professional, Speedy, Safe

$ 3,000 Flat
  • Applications
  • Permits
  • Inspections
  • Full Turn-Key Installation
  • 5 Year Labour Warranty
  • 24/7 Customer Service

Flat Installation Rate


Covers electrical equipment, labour, permits, inspections applications etc. In a word; “everything.” Cost stays the same no matter how many panels you need installed.

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